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‘Þis worde of þe apostil longiþ to ȝow men & wymen of cristis Relygyon’: the translation of Edmund of Abingdon’s Mirror in BL MS Add 10053

Paper to be given at IES/Keio university conference on Old and Middle English Studies: Texts and Sources, 3-5th September


The Mirror of Holy Church is a Middle English translation of Edmund of Abingdon’s Speculum religiosorum/ecclesie, a work intended as a guide to the perfect life for members of a religious order, but which is also an important text in the development of vernacular theology in Britain. Very little recent work has been done on it, (more…)

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The anchoress of Colne Priory: a case study

I am giving this paper at the Medieval Anchorites in their Communities conference to be held at Gregynog Hall, Newtown, Powys, April 22-April 24, 2014; see Anchorites in their Communities

See also a short version of the paper I have published on

The trench dug at the Time Team excavation found no evidence of the walls of the small cell which had been seen in the geophysical survey.

A paper of mine, ‘Was there an anchoress at Colne Priory?’ was published in 2013 by The Essex Society for Archaeology and History. An excavation by Channel 4’s Time Team had uncovered a small cell which may have been that of an anchorite; one of the signatories to three late 12th century charters associated with the priory was Robert, filius recluse. This suggests the presence of a female, presumably widowed, anchorite who was well-enough known in her community to endow her son with a matronymic but who herself remained anonymous.


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Anonymous Then, Invisible Now: The Readers of Sermon a Dames Religioses

Paper delivered at Nuns’ Literacies Conference, Antwerp, 6th June 2013.

Incipit: Edmund of Abingdon wrote a guide to the religious life in the first part of the thirteenth century, known as the Speculum religiosorum or, in its lay form Speculum ecclesie; it is generally believed he composed it while staying at Merton Priory during the suspension of the schools at Oxford in 1213-14. The original Latin text no longer exists, although what is believed to be an accurate copy dating from the late-fourteenth or early-fifteenth century is found in Oxford Bodleian MS Hatton 26. Over the course of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, the Speculum was translated into Anglo-Norman (more…)

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Gender, Posts, Positions, Pay and Promotion: A Roundtable Discussion

At the International Medieval Congress at Leeds there was a roundtable on the evening of Monday 1st July on Gender, Posts, Positions, Pay and Promotion chaired by Liz McAvoy.

Liz McAvoy suggested I might like to contribute to this roundtable after I posted a message to the MedFem list asking about the technicalities of a British citizen applying for a job at an American university.  I joined the search for work late in life and was having no luck in applications to British universities (however apprporiate I may think my application was).  My lack of success in this search, however, means that I cannot justify the expense of attending the Leeds IMC but I still wanted to make a contribution to the discussion.  What I have to say is predicated on my personal experience, but I would like to make some comments that I hope may have a wider relevance, or at least provoke some general discussion. (more…)

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