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Returning home to Ilam

The walk we undertook in June – all 250 miles of it – was circular: while not describing a perfect circle, we ended up in Settle where we had started three weeks previously. In August we joined my brother and his family in Dovedale for a much shorter walk that nevertheless completed a large circle; we were bringing the remains of my mother back to the place where she had been born nearly ninety years before. (more…)

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I start teaching at the University of Essex again this autumn – classes on Close Reading and Early Modern Literature.

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Cate’s CV

Catherine (Cate) Elizabeth Gunn


Author of Ancrene Wisse: From Pastoral Literature to Vernacular Spirituality

Co-editor of Texts and Traditions of Medieval Pastoral Care

An experienced, enthusiastic and committed teacher


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About Cate

Cate Gunn graduated from Southampton University in 2004 with a Ph.D. in medieval literature; her thesis was on the early 13th century English guide for anchoresses, Ancrene Wisse.  Her book,  Ancrene Wisse: From Pastoral Literature to Vernacular Spirituality, published in 2008 has been described as ‘the best introduction to Ancrene Wisse so far’.

Cate taught in continuing education for many years and is now teaching part-time in the Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies at the University of Essex.


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