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A Bibliography Blog

In 1219 the lord of the manor of Parva Colun (Little Colne, soon to be known as Colne Engaine) presented Peter de Feria as the rector of the parish. Peter was the first rector whom we know of by name; the church building is older so there may well have been earlier rectors. Services may have been taken by monks from Colne Priory, but I have not seen any mention of this in the Colne Priory Cartularium.  I intend to write an account of life in the parish of Colne Engaine in 1219 in time for the 800th anniversary of Peter de Feria’s induction.

Here I am going to publish notes on my reading – a sort of ‘Bibliography Blog’. As I keep on insisting, I am not an historian. But I am a medievalist, in so far as I have studied, and written on, medieval literature. To appreciate the literature it is necessary to have some understanding of the period in which it was written, and I have acquired some of the historian’s skills over the past twenty years since I first set myself to the study of a thirteenth-century text.

My first task – which turned into a conundrum – was to sort out how Vitalis (or Viel) Engaine came to be the lord of the manor, the person who presented Peter de Feria to the living.

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